Departure Day

I have to admit it was hard to take one last look of our home of 16 years! We snapped photos and took videos. I even said goodbye out loud lol. We had a lot of great memories with our family parties and neighbors over! We watched the neighborhood be built with new homes added all around and new stores popping up. We saw the main road outside our subdivision go from a pebble one lane road with no street lights to a street paved and filled with so many cars passing by it was hard to get out of the subdivision. After the many years living in our home, we really only used two rooms in it. What was the point of having a home with a finished basement when we really were not going down there much (with the exception of when mom lived with us for a couple of years)? Downsizing was the right choice for us! If you don’t see or use your items albeit clothes, tools or crafts why keep it? “Just in case” becomes “what was I thinking”?



On the day we scheduled ourselves to leave (March 12, 2017) snow was in the forecast and we only had so much time to finish up with what was left that we just couldn’t sell. We hustled to beat the weather as we did not know how it would be in a large Class A motor home with snow on the roads as we were new to this type of vehicle. To make a long day short, we chose to leave more items for donations even though some items had some value to it. We just took what we couldn’t decide on and stuffed it into our car and would worry about sorting it when we arrive at my sister’s house.

Upon take off that late afternoon our kind neighbors came by to wish us well and saw us off waving one last time to us. It was heartwarming to know they took the time and sad to leave them and our home of 16 years. We still had good weather left so we headed south to Indiana for the night.

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