Day 1: The Journey Begins!

Today is the DAY.  We will be leaving our Sticks & Bricks location to live in a MotorHome.  We are trying to beat a Snowstorm forcasted to dump 6″ to 12″ on the Metropolitan Chicagoland area tonight.  We are hurriedly packing the RV & car and will need to sort the rest out while we are on the road.  We want to be out of the are before the snow hits because we no longer have a Snow Thrower. Our plan is to get on the road and head east into Indiana where the snow will be much less.  Our initial target is Elkhart, Indiana. Many people that RV know that Elkhart, Indiana has a special meaning.  Elkhart, Indiana is known as the “RV Capital of the World”.  80% of all RV manufacturing is done in the Elkhart, Indiana area so it seems like a fitting place to spend our first night in our RV. Follow us along on our Journey.   Here we go.

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