Problem: Complete Hydraulic System Failure (Lippert Pump Failure)

The slideouts and leveling jacks were working fine since we picked up the MotorHome about 2 weeks ago. Now the Slideouts are stuck open and the leveling retracts won’t go up. We have a Lippert Components (LCI) hydraulic system.

Here’s what happened. I had the bedroom slide out and the MotorHome was leveled on the stabilizers. I put out the main slide and it went out but sounded funny. I tried to put it back in and nothing. I then tried the bedroom slide that was open to bring it in and nothing. I went under the coach in the hydraulics bay and opened it up. I noticed that the reservoir was almost empty and there was fluid all over the bottom. I cleaned up the mess and put new fluid in the reservoir. I also noticed one of the fitting wasn’t as tight as I think it should be and I think this is where it may have been leaking from. I tightened that up. I then went to try the slides with fluid in the tank and still nothing. I heard a click underneath but the motor wouldn’t spin. I figured out maybe the motor overheated and found a circuit breaker by my battery bank that was tripped. I reset it. No when I push the button for the slides to go in I hear the electric pump motor but the slides still aren’t going in, or moving at all. I then wanted to see if the problem was affecting the stabilizer jacks so I hit the Retract All button and the MH went down on all 4 tires but the jacks did not go up any more. All the lights are blinking on the Stabilizer control panel and when I hit the button to bring in the slides I hear the motor for the pump running but nothing is moving. No more leaking in the hydraulic bay either now.

After 2 days of trying to get it going we had to call a RV tech to come out and look at it.  He determined that the pump is bad. The seal on the pump was bad and caused the leaking and also the pump shaft was stripped out.  The motor is spinning but the pump isn’t due to the shaft being worn out. Unfortunately Lippert doesn’t sell the pump alone and sells the whole hydraulic unit as one piece.   The seal leaking on the pump is a design flaw and Lippert should offer to replace it.  Instead we are probably going to need to get the entire hydraulic assembly even though it is just the pump that is bad.

Update:  We needed an ENTIRE hydraulic pump unit as Lippert would not sell just the pump alone.  It took about two weeks to get manufactured, shipped and installed.  Everything was an expense to us even thought it was a manufacturing defect of Lippert’s pump seal.  In the future I will steer away from any Lippert components due to this experience and maybe others will as well.



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