Greg loves telling stories with technology.  Whether it is with video cameras, photo cameras, drones, 3D headsets, lasers etc…. he loves to inspire others.


Lesa loves telling stories with her emotions.  She is a positive person that sees the good in everything.  She is the person that makes sure that the family unit is happy.


Rocky doesn’t do much except eat treats.  We have repeatedly asked him to help bring in a source of income but to this day we haven’t seen much.  Even so we still give him treats.


Bella thinks she is a big dog and let’s everyone know her opinion.  She also is a freeloader that gets treats daily.


Bailey is the latest arrival to this mobile petting zoo.  She was found a job site and had a limp.  Since taking her in she has let us know she is the boss and commands us when she wants her endless supply of food and drinks delivered.

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