Supporting Twenty-Five Teishoku House 

This week we are supporting Twenty Five Teishoku House. (The term “teishoku” translates to “set meal” in Japanese.) The restaurant opened on February 6, 2021 is owned and run by Bing, a 1.5-generation immigrant from Fujian, China who grew up in the restaurant industry by working in restaurants to support himself since I was 16 to put himself through college. Bing decided to create a better working environment which is how Twenty-Five came to be. What does the name mean? “25 stands for the 25 items on our menu. Yes, we have a short and sweet menu because I believe less is more. I want our team to concentrate our attention, energy, and time to do the best we can on every detail. We are here to provide the most memorable experience we can present to every single guest that comes to our house. 25 also symbolizes the vibe we want to bring to the community. I was 25 last year when I found Twenty Five. The energetic vibe of being 25, the passion for creating, the dedication to making a difference, the determination of not being willing to settle, and the belief in loving life and good in humans, are the vibe I want Twenty Five to pass on to everyone that walks through our door. Twenty Five is a place for everyone, the employees and the guests to find peace of mind and enjoy what they’re doing. This is what Twenty Five is.”

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